Hello and welcome to my small world of food “THE LOCAL CHEFS”. I am Bhumika Jindal. I live in Raipur, the capital of beautiful state Chhattisgarh (India).

The Local Chefs is a platform where we are trying to bring all possible vegetarian dishes from different cuisines around the globe. The Local Chefs archives my expedition for easy and out of the ordinary pleasures in food that lead to wonderful bliss.

The recipe may belong to any part of the globe, the ingredients could be different, but the basic values of my cooking remain the same – simple, easy, tasteful and innovative. The Local Chefs focuses on very simple, easy and vegetarian recipes which could be prepared with available ingredients at home in no time and yet very innovative and tastes exotic.

Food and things related to it has always fascinated me. For me food is something which not only feed your body but even relaxes and satisfies your mind and soul. Interest and passion in cooking was the only reason because of which I along with my friend Shruti Bagree started with this blog, so that we can showcase our recipes to the world.

Cooking is something which really makes me feel happy and release stress. It is my mother who passed her love and passion for cooking in me. My childhood memories are filled with many exotic smells and aroma of the dishes which mumma used to cook for us.

I got married in 2011 and actually started cooking and planning every day meals. It was of great concern to me that what went into my cooking pot and our plates on the dining table. Then in a very short span of time I came across to know my husband’s passion and love for food, which gave wings to my interest. That’s when I realized food is something which not only satisfies the hunger but it also satisfies human’s mind and soul. So I invested my lot of tome in developing new recipes and learning new ways of cooking in every possible manner.

Along the way I came up my hidden passion for photography and now I ardently take pictures for The Local Chefs and captures the valuable movements of my life in my lenses.