Tiramisu is an Italian Dessert which means “Pick me up” or Cheer me up” and it is quite the king of all desserts. So here’s the dessert that “The Local Chefs” bring to you to suit your year start parties.

As we are looking for a refreshing start with the arrival of 2017, you need to give your plates awonderful experience with this amazing and mouth watering Dessert “TIRAMISU”


Preparation Time – 20 Minutes 

Cooking Time – 0 Minutes

Serves –  12 People 

Basic chocolate cake sponge
Whipping Cream 250 gms
Mascarpone Cheese 400 gms
½ Cup hot water
Instant Coffee 3 Tbsp
Caster Sugar 100 gms + 2 Tbsp
Mint leaves
Chocolate Garnishes/Cocoa powder

1. In a tray, arrange a parchment paper and place the folded mousse patti on it. If you don’t have these pattis, make in a loose bottom pan or shot glasses.
2. Now slice the chocolate cake horizontally into three slices.
3. In a bowl take ½ cup hot water and add instant coffee and 2 tbsb sugar. Mix until sugar dissolves completely.
4. In a separate bowl beat the whipping cream until soft pick forms. Keep some whipped cream aside for garnishing.
5. Now add mascarpone cheese (Room Temperature) and 2 tbsb of instant coffee syrup and beat for another 1-2 min.

For Assembling-
1. Place the basic slice of the cake sponge on the in a glass tray or loose bottom pan and pour some instant coffee syrup over it and let it soak well.
2. Now add few spoons full of cream cheese mix over the sponge and spread it evenly.
3. Keep repeating until the glass tray is full.
4. Level the top layer with cream cheese and refrigerate it for 2-3 hour.
5. Garnish it with whipping cream, chocolate garnishes and mint leafs or you can also sprinkle some cocoa powder and chocolates shavings.

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